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Israel strikes targets in Gaza Strip after rocket fire

10:20, Friday, 08 December, 2017
Israel strikes targets in Gaza Strip after rocket fire

The Israeli military says it struck targets in the Gaza Strip in response to projectiles fired at Israel.

The military says that a projectile exploded Thursday in southern Israel, in addition to two earlier ones launched from Gaza which fell short and landed in the Palestinian territory. The military says a tank and aircraft struck two military posts in Gaza. The military says it holds Hamas responsible for any fire emanating from the Gaza Strip.

The border violence comes a day after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded the decision, while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the U.S. shift "a declaration of withdrawal from the role it has played in the peace process."

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verjin hay
verjin hay 10:33, 08.12.2017
Voxjamit mardkutsyun@ piti kangni ardar paxestini zhokoxqin koxqin
Payqarelov satanayi zavak jhudneri dem
Payqarum en mer serundneri azstutsyan hamar
verjin hay
verjin hay 10:39, 08.12.2017
Chi kareli tuyl tal.... Vor satanayi zavak jnudneri mafyan gravi ashxarh@
Dranits heto anhnarin klini payqarel drants dem
Teseq inch vor katarvum e hayastamum
Ayn el piti katarvi amboxj ashxarum
verjin hay
verjin hay 10:41, 08.12.2017
Jhudner@ piti veratsnen payqsrox mardkants
Toxnelov miayn strkamit xavin