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Same-sex marriage results: Where were highest No votes in Australia?

12:15, Wednesday, 15 November, 2017
Same-sex marriage results: Where were highest No votes in Australia?

RESIDENTS in the Sydney electorate with the most No voters have revealed why they were opposed to same-sex marriage.
     The Sydney electorate of Blaxland — that includes the suburbs of Bankstown, Auburn and Merrylands — had 73.9 per cent vote No.
     Residents in Bankstown who spoke with news.com.au were not surprised the anti-SSM vote was so high in their area — and most were still against it.
     “There’s a lot of people around Bankstown and this area from very diverse ethnic backgrounds and traditional religions,” George Corapovski, 48, who is of Macedonian background, said.
     “It doesn’t bother me as long as there’s love, but people are stuck in their old ways.
     “If you’d held the vote 50 years ago you would have 99 per cent against.”
     However Mr Corapovski’s friend Dean Stojanovski, 44, whose parents are also from Macedonia was a strong No vote supporter.
     “Look at it in 10 years’ time and we’ll see how many divorces there are [among same sex couples],” he said.
     “Everybody deserves to be happy, but I think they have more rights than [heterosexuals].

“And they are going to be telling us what you can and can’t teach in schools.”
     Leanne Munro, 51 of Villawood, said she strongly opposed to SSM and voted No even though she had a gay son.
     “I’m not surprised at the vote around here,” she said.
     “Personally, I was brought up a strict Catholic and I think it’s abnormal to have two men together or two women.
     “I’m a single mum but I believe there should be a mum and dad.
     “I’m just against it being another way.”

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