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Venezuelan opposition says planned dialogue with gov't suspended

12:05, Sunday, 12 November, 2017
Venezuelan opposition says planned dialogue with gov't suspended

The Venezuelan opposition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), stated Saturday that the planned dialogue with the government in the Dominican Republic on Nov. 15 is suspended.
     Through a statement, the MUD indicated this is because the government had not agreed on the dialogue being attended by foreign ministers of observer countries, namely Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Nicaragua.
     The opposition said that the diplomats of these nations, called "friendly countries," "would accompany the negotiation process to exit the political, economic and institutional crisis which Venezuela is suffering."
     While the government of President Nicolas Maduro has constantly said it is ready for dialogue, the MUD has dismissed this and said the authorities are not willing to discuss its agenda, including calling "fair presidential elections and the urgent opening of a humanitarian channel of food and drugs."
     "The country is clamoring for a solution to the general crisis which currently exists and Venezuela's commitment must tackle all the factors. We demand seriousness and commitment in these difficult moments for the country," wrote the MUD.
     On Thursday, the MUD said it was ready for "serious dialogue" with the government setting the date of Nov. 15.
     This latest attempt at dialogue is taking place after gubernatorial elections on Oct. 15, when the government won 18 states and the MUD won five.
     Municipal elections are set for Dec. 10, but at least five opposition parties within the MUD alliance have said they would not take part.

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