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Donald Trump Jr. is mercilessly mocked for posting a bizarre photo of his father depicted as a superhero

14:05, Sunday, 22 October, 2017
Donald Trump Jr. is mercilessly mocked for posting a bizarre photo of his father depicted as a superhero

Social media users took delight in ridiculing President Donald Trump's oldest son on Saturday after he posted a bizarre picture of his father on the Internet.
     Sharing a fake Time Magazine cover photo to Instagram, the post shows the commander-in-chief depicted as a superhero reminiscent of Superman.
     The image also depicts the President with a long golden beard with a 'T' instead of an 'S' emblazoned across his chest.

Online users couldn't seem to help themselves after the Trump Jr. posting, with responders commenting: 'Except your pops is obese and can't grow facial hair. Very sad' and 'OMG this HAS to be satire!'
     Twitter users were just as brutal, with a litany of brash statements ranging from comical to 'disturbing.'

'I'll never be able to look at Superman the same way now. Dammit, Trump!' another social media user responded.
     Not all reviews were terrible, however, with loyal Trump supporters praising the fabricated Time Magazine cover as inspiring.
     'Love this photo of our brave heart! We the American Patriots love our President and his family! Long live our President Donald J. Trump!' one person with the user name of 'patriot_heart' said.
     Earlier this year, it was revealed that no less than five golf resorts bearing the Trump name had fake Time Magazine cover photos framed and fixed to the walls from Florida to Scotland.
     'Donald Trump: The 'Apprentice' is a television smash!' the big headline reads.
     The issue is dated March 1, 2009, a month when Time Magazine did not publish an issue, according to The Washington Post.
     White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told The Post following a request for comment at the time that administration 'couldn’t comment on the decor at Trump Golf clubs one way or another.'

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