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Snatched in seconds: The moment a kidnapper steals little girl

21:45, Tuesday, 27 February, 2018
Snatched in seconds: The moment a kidnapper steals little girl

A tiny girl toddles outside the door of her father’s shop in Mumbai, India.

She emerges from the open front entrance, looks left, and carefully steps down on to the footpath.

And straight into her kidnapper’s path.She accidentally bumps into him, and with that he has found his target.

He leans down, scoops her up, and casually walks away with her in his arms.Her father realised the awful truth that his daughter was missing a short time later when he came to call her in from playing outside.

Distraught he called police after she did not answers his calls.

Extraordinary CCTV footage from outside the shop revealed to police not only the terrifying ease with which the kidnap had happened, but also gave them images of the abductor.
     It’s reported a 28-year-old man named Sandeep Parab was arrested six hours later, and the little girl, named Shireen, was returned to her parents.

It’s believed she was unharmed, and it’s unclear what the kidnapper’s motive was.

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