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Afghanistan's Shamshad TV station attacked in Kabul

13:25, Tuesday, 07 November, 2017
Afghanistan's Shamshad TV station attacked in Kabul

Armed gunmen have broken into the Kabul offices of 24-hour satellite TV station Shamshad. It is the latest in a series of attacks on media targets.
     Security guards at the offices of the Shamshad private television station in Kabul killed one of the attackers who broke into the building after an explosion on Tuesday morning.
     An attack by a further two gunmen was reported to be ongoing.
     Kabul police spokesman Basir Mujahid said: "A group of armed men have entered the building and security forces are fighting them,"
     Most of the TV staff who had been in the building had been rescued, an interior ministry spokesman said.Shamshad TV reporter Faisal Zaland escaped through a back door and said: "I saw three attackers on security cameras entering the TV station building. They first shot the guard and then entered the building. They started throwing grenades and firing."

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