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The EU budget for Brexit annually will miss 10-12 billion euros

15:05, Monday, 07 August, 2017
The EU budget for Brexit annually will miss 10-12 billion euros

After Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, the EU budget will annually be short of 10-12 billion euros, said the European Commissioner for budget günther Oettinger. According to him, in such circumstances the unit will have to adopt more austerity measures.
     “In the long term because of Brexit, the EU budget will miss ten to 12 billion euros per year. I assume that these missing billions would be offset by the savings and greater participation of member countries”, – quotes Ettinger , RIA “Novosti”.
     We will remind, on the eve of the newspaper the Telegraph found out about the readiness of the British government to pay the EU 40 billion euros to repay its financial liabilities in connection with withdrawal from the EU.
     “We know that their position is 60 billion euros, but in fact, the lower limit is at the level of $ 50 billion. We have it closer to 30, but an acceptable amount equal to 40 billion euros,” – said the newspaper’s source close to the authorities of the Kingdom.
     The journalists suggested that such impressive dimensions of the compensation can lead to controversy in the British government. The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson recently said in Parliament that European leaders should moderate the appetites, as the “exorbitant expense” for withdrawal from the EU, London is not going to pay.
     The newspaper underlined that, probably, Britain agree to pay the aforesaid amount only in case if Brussels recognizes the so-called “fines for divorce” part of the agreement on future relations, particularly trade.

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