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Crowd watch as man who raped toddler executed with machine gun in street

17:15, Tuesday, 01 August, 2017
Crowd watch as man who raped toddler executed with machine gun in street

Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, was shot by police who opened fire with a machine gun at a public square in Sana'a, Yemen.

Mr al-Maghrabi was convicted of raping and killing three-year-old Rana Yahya Al-Matari.

Images released from his execution show him on the floor with his hands handcuffed behind his back.A soldier towers over him with a machine gun aimed at his back before he fires.

The rapist’s punishment was watched by hundreds of baying spectators in the city’s main square.

Mr al-Maghrabi was bought to the spot by police who laid him down onto a white rug.The crowd, of mostly men, took out their mobile phones to record the event.

Television stations also broadcast the event to viewers at home.

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usta 18:06, 01.08.2017
halala :))
veratsox qo tesak@.....partvets ......vosox belin
veratsox qo tesak@.....partvets ......vosox belin 18:27, 01.08.2017
Pasoren serzhikits aveli vori stahak el kan ashxarhum
ombudsman 21:04, 07.08.2017
djvar el te serjic stahak mard lini, chishta erexu e brnabarel, bayc serjik@ amboxj hay azgin é hogepes te fizikapes brnabarum.u dra verj@ chi erevum..merav mardkanc berderum pahelov chhashvac amenorya artagaxt@..
SSS 16:06, 04.08.2017
piti ed havaqvacnern el spaneluc araj iren hertov brnabarein
fol 17:59, 06.08.2017
taros@ serjikin sashikinrobertin u levonin erani et or@ shut gar hraparakaynoren dranc gndakaharein ...