More than 2.3 thousand children have died in the Gaza Strip. UNICEF
10:36, Wednesday, 25 October, 2023
More than 2.3 thousand children have died in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict, more than 5.3 thousand children ...
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Iranian girl ‘brain dead’ after morality police beating over hijab
21:36, Tuesday, 24 October, 2023
A 16-year-old Iranian schoolgirl who was allegedly beaten by morality police for not wearing a hijab is now “brain dead”, state media ...
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7 people died after more than 150 vehicles crashed in dense fog on I-55 in Louisiana
13:33, Tuesday, 24 October, 2023
At least seven people were killed Monday in a slew of crashes along Interstate 55 in Louisiana’s St. John the Baptist Parish that involved at ...
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American bases were attacked in Syria
09:42, Tuesday, 24 October, 2023
Iran-backed militias in Iraq say they attacked two US bases in eastern Syria, their fourth attack in one day. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an ...
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Israeli air attacks kill 30 in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp
11:18, Monday, 23 October, 2023
Thirty bodies, most of them women and children, have been recovered from underneath the ruins of bombed buildings in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee ...
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Syria says Israel hit Aleppo and Damascus airports
10:36, Sunday, 22 October, 2023
An Israeli missile attack targeted Damascus and Aleppo international airports early on Sunday, killing one civilian worker and putting the airports ...
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Orthodox church says it was hit by Israeli air strike in Gaza
15:00, Friday, 20 October, 2023
A Greek Orthodox church in the Gaza Strip which was sheltering hundreds of displaced Palestinians was hit overnight by an Israeli air strike, the ...
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Iraqi Shiite militia claim drone, rocket attacks on U.S. bases in Syria
20:12, Thursday, 19 October, 2023
An Iraqi Shiite militia claimed on Thursday responsibility for launching drone and rocket attacks on two U.S. military bases in eastern Syria. An ...
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Authorities are on the field trying to verify the authenticity of the alerts
16:12, Thursday, 19 October, 2023
Airports in six cities across France were evacuated over bomb alerts on Wednesday, local media reported. The airports affected were in the cities ...
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800 people dead in Israeli airstrike on hospital. #Alhadath
09:44, Wednesday, 18 October, 2023
An Israeli air strike has hit Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City where thousands of civilians are seeking medical treatment and shelter from relentless ...
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Israel-Hamas war rages as crisis in Gaza deepens
22:30, Tuesday, 17 October, 2023
Preliminary estimates indicate between 200 to 300 people were killed in an Israeli strike on a hospital in the center of Gaza City, the Palestinian ...
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Two swedes shot dead in Brussels
10:30, Tuesday, 17 October, 2023
Two swedish nationals were shot to death and a third person was wounded in central Brussels on Monday night, and a man who identified himself as a ...
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IDF: A short while ago, the IDF struck Hezbollah military infrastructure in Lebanon
13:24, Monday, 16 October, 2023
IDF: A short while ago, the IDF struck Hezbollah military infrastructure in Lebanon in response to the shooting yesterday (Sunday) toward Israeli ...
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5.3 magnitude quake strikes in Iran
16:36, Sunday, 15 October, 2023
According to the Iranian seismologists, the quake measured 5.3 magnitude on the Richter scale struck at a depth of 13 kilometers from the earth ...
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Israeli attack on Syrian Aleppo airport puts it out of service
11:11, Sunday, 15 October, 2023
Israeli airstrikes targeted the airport of Syria’s government-held city of Aleppo late Saturday, putting it out of order, the country’s ...
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Dozens flee raging Argentina wildfires ‘started by man making coffee’
18:24, Thursday, 12 October, 2023
A man has been arrested after he was believed to be behind wildfires engulfing a region in Argentina this week. A 27-year-old who has been ...
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Syria state TV says Israeli attack targets Aleppo, Damascus airports
16:00, Thursday, 12 October, 2023
Syria’s state television said an Israeli attack targeted the main airports in the capital Damascus and the northern city of Aleppo on ...
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IDF conducted a wave of strikes targeting the Nukhba elite forces of Hamas
10:48, Thursday, 12 October, 2023
According to the military, the IDF conducted a wave of strikes targeting the Nukhba elite forces of Hamas, by striking operational command centers ...
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Russia downs drone in south, at least three dead - regional governor
10:24, Thursday, 12 October, 2023
Three people were killed, including a young child, and two injured when debris from a destroyed drone fell on homes in Russia’s Belgorod ...
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Hamas armed wing says it shelled Haifa city with R-160 rocket
21:12, Wednesday, 11 October, 2023
Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian militant group Hamas, said on Wednesday it shelled the northern Israeli city of Haifa with an R-160 ...
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The number of Israelis killed due to the escalation of the conflict exceeded 1.2 thousand
09:36, Wednesday, 11 October, 2023
The death toll of Israeli residents as a result of the escalation of the conflict exceeded 1.2 thousand. The Times of Israel writes about ...
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IDF announces massive strikes on Gaza ‘terror nest,’ says it killed 2 top Hamas men. #The_Times_of_Israel
19:30, Tuesday, 10 October, 2023
IDF says it killed Hamas economy minister and 2nd senior official in strikes. The Israel Defense Forces says it killed Hamas's minister of economy ...
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Haaretz: In Israel, on the coast of Ashkelon, a rocket hit a hotel
19:18, Tuesday, 10 October, 2023
As a result of shelling from the Gaza Strip, a rocket hit a hotel in Ashkelon in southern Israel, Haaretz reports. It is clarified that sirens ...
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Israel strikes and seals off Gaza
09:48, Tuesday, 10 October, 2023
Israel increased airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and sealed it off from food, fuel and other supplies Monday in retaliation for a bloody incursion by ...
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Israel hits '500 Hamas targets' in overnight strikes
10:30, Monday, 09 October, 2023
Fighter jets, helicopters and artillery struck over 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, with targets including Hamas ...
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Death toll from Hamas onslaught passes 700, over 100 kidnapped
10:06, Monday, 09 October, 2023
Israel formally declared a state of war on Sunday as the death toll from an unprecedented Hamas attack a day earlier rose above 700 and was expected ...
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Fighting near Gaza border ongoing as Israel conducts airstrikes in strip
10:00, Monday, 09 October, 2023
The Israeli Health Ministry announced Monday morning that 2,382 wounded have been evacuated to hospitals, 22 of the injured are in critical ...
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Tragedy Unfolds: 250 Bodies Found at Festival Site in Southern Israel
23:48, Sunday, 08 October, 2023
Details of the Tragedy:According to OSINTdefender's tweet on Sunday, October 8th, 2023, the bodies were found at the festival site in the southern ...
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Death toll in western Afghanistan earthquake exceeds 2,000
12:12, Sunday, 08 October, 2023
The death toll in a devastating earthquake and aftershocks in the west of Afghanistan has exceeded 2,000, the Associated Press news agency reported ...
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IDF releases names of 26 soldiers killed fighting in southern Israel
11:24, Sunday, 08 October, 2023
The Israel Defense Forces publishes the names of 26 soldiers killed during fighting with Hamas terrorists on the border with the Gaza Strip during ...
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