Facing a Government shutdown possibility — again
10:24, Thursday, 04 January, 2024
The House of Representatives and Senate face two deadlines in the next four weeks in which to agree on 12 major federal funding bills that will keep ...
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Forbes: 21 billionaires died in 2023, half are over 90 years old
15:36, Monday, 01 January, 2024
21 billionaires passed away in 2023, about half of them were over 90 years old, writes Forbes. The oldest person on the list was American Charles ...
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FT writers’ predictions for the world in 2024
16:54, Sunday, 31 December, 2023
The Financial Times (FT), renowned for its rigorous analysis and forecasts, has unveiled its predictions for the world in 2024. Reflecting on their ...
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#FT: EU readies €20 billion plan B to fund Ukraine
11:06, Wednesday, 27 December, 2023
The European Union is preparing a back-up plan worth up to €20 billion ($32.3 billion) for Ukraine, using a debt structure that sidesteps the ...
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A Wine Writer’s Top 10 Wines Of 2023
20:54, Friday, 22 December, 2023
When I think of the qualities that make a wine “the best” I think of the bottles that brought happiness, surprise, or ...
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UK about to escalate naval tensions in Black Sea
22:06, Thursday, 21 December, 2023
Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant. The UK appears to be close to launching a ...
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Kazakhstan starts building new railroad to China: cargo turnover to increase by another 20 mln tons
21:24, Thursday, 21 December, 2023
The construction of a new railway line Bakhty - Ayagoz with a length of 272 km started in Abay region. Alikhan Smailov, Prime Minister of the ...
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Ursula von der Leyen: "Today we disburse a new €1.5 billion"
15:36, Thursday, 21 December, 2023
Ursula von der Leyen's post on X: "Europe's funding has supported Ukraine's economic stability and public services since the start of Russia’s ...
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Argentina’s new president declares a state of emergency in the economy
13:38, Thursday, 21 December, 2023
Argentinian President Javier Miley declared a state of emergency in the economic, health and social sectors until the end of 2025. The relevant ...
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New EU sanctions against Russia include Medvedev’s son, Russian propagandists, defense industry and military
00:36, Tuesday, 19 December, 2023
On Monday, December 18, the Official Journal of the European Union published a list of individuals and legal entities subject to sanctions under the ...
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World's Largest Office, Surat Diamond Exchange, To Open Today
23:24, Sunday, 17 December, 2023
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Surat in Gujarat and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh today. Around 10:45 AM, the Prime Minister will inaugurate ...
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Hong Kong’s OOCL shipping company halts shipments to Israel
20:24, Sunday, 17 December, 2023
The shipping company OOCL announced the decision in a statement on Saturday, two days after the Yemeni army targeted two Israeli-bound container ...
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Japan sanctions Russian, UAE, Armenian, Syrian, and Uzbek companies
10:00, Friday, 15 December, 2023
Japan has introduced a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which includes a ban on imports of non-industrial Russian diamonds, export ...
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How Ameriabank continued to deliver success amid the volatility of the global markets
16:24, Wednesday, 13 December, 2023
Ameriabank CEO Artak Hanesyan’s interview with Global Finance magazine Q: 1. Given the volatility that has characterised markets over the ...
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Council and Parliament reach political agreement to criminalise violation of EU sanctions
21:36, Tuesday, 12 December, 2023
The Spanish presidency of the Council and the European Parliament concluded their negotiations for an EU law which introduces criminal offences and ...
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#FinancialTimes: EU explores emergency Ukraine funding outside bloc's shared budget
10:18, Tuesday, 12 December, 2023
European Union diplomats are discussing technical proposals to raise emergency funding for Ukraine outside of the bloc's shared budget, the ...
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Fortune of richest Russians grows $38.6B since early year
17:25, Friday, 01 December, 2023
The wealth of Russia’s richest businessmen has increased by $38.575 billion since the beginning of this year, according to the Bloomberg ...
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IDBank issues the 3th tranche of dollar bonds of 2023
15:00, Tuesday, 21 November, 2023
On November 20, 2023, IDBank placed registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2NER4 through a public offering on the following ...
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Azerbaijani delegation not to attend the OSCE PA session in Yerevan
22:06, Friday, 17 November, 2023
Azerbaijani delegation will not attend the OSCE PA fall session that's going to be held in Yerevan, Azay Guliyev, head of Azerbaijan's delegation to ...
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EC to present 12th package of sanctions against Russia on November 15 — Borrell
22:00, Friday, 17 November, 2023
The European Commission plans to submit the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions to the EU Council for approval on November 15, head of the EU ...
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AraratBank joins Himq Support Foundation
12:36, Thursday, 16 November, 2023
Earlier in September, AraratBank decided to join Himq Support Foundation to assist our countrymen forcibly displaced from ...
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Black Friday from IDBank
15:00, Monday, 13 November, 2023
On the eve of Black Friday, from November 10 to December 1 inclusive, order Visa Digital, Visa Gold, Travel, Visa Platinum, Mastercard Standard ...
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Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
14:24, Friday, 10 November, 2023
Glovo, the leading delivery and courier service from Spain, is expanding its initiative known as ''The Courier’s Pledge'' to Armenia. This ...
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EU says UAE to curb key exports to Russia used in war in Ukraine. #Bloomberg
10:00, Friday, 10 November, 2023
The European Union’s executive told member states that the United Arab Emirates has agreed to restrict the re-export to Russia of sensitive ...
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IMF: Middle East conflict could drive up inflation in Europe
10:18, Thursday, 09 November, 2023
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the conflict in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel could drive up inflation as central ...
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The Power of One Dram for November to Greenhouses for displaced Artsakh residents
14:30, Wednesday, 08 November, 2023
Idram and IDBank summarize the October program of the "The power of one dram" initiative. During the previous month, the entire amount collected ...
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US aid package for Ukraine worth $425 million
09:48, Friday, 03 November, 2023
The Biden administration plans to announce a $425 million military aid package for Ukraine on Friday including counter drone rockets and munitions, ...
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IDBank and Idram consolidated within ID Group Armenian Holding
16:48, Thursday, 02 November, 2023
Considering the successful strategic cooperation of the two companies and the convergence of development visions, Idram and IDBank consolidated ...
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Irked by Erdogan, Israeli supermarkets halt imports from Turkey
11:54, Wednesday, 01 November, 2023
Supermarket chains in Israel are halting imports from Turkey after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed support for Hamas.The companies ...
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EU Is Weighing Fresh Sanctions on $5.3 Billion in Russian Trade
21:36, Tuesday, 31 October, 2023
The European Union is weighing new sanctions that would hit some €5 billion ($5.3 billion) in trade with Russia, including export restrictions ...
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