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Doctors said than dangerous vacuum packaging

19:10, Sunday, 15 January, 2017
Doctors said than dangerous vacuum packaging

Physicians are advised of the possibility of buying food in the usual form, rather than in the package. Experts from the Technical University of Denmark found that certain foods especially "fear" of the vacuum film. It turned out that this type of storage products poses a potential threat to life and health human.

Scientists have found that vacuum packaging, though should retain products as much fresh - nevertheless becomes beautiful breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. According to experts, these pathogens kill up to a quarter of patients infected by them.

Laboratory experiments biologists show that in the absence of oxygen bacterium Listeria monocytogens becomes fourteen times aggressive. Anoxic conditions caused by vacuum packaging, similar to the same as in the intestine. Therefore, getting a package where there is no oxygen, bacteria become more aggressive, because as she behaves and body.
     In the new study found that Listeria monocytogens - highly adaptable pathogen. Scientists vyyasnli that it can grow even in cold conditions, food refrigerators.
     Products, which can be got dangerous microbe - is, almost all that day swept off the shelves in the supermarket large quantities - milk, ice cream, soft cheese of camembert type, meat and meat products, raw vegetables, raw or finished poultry, raw or smoked fish.
     "Despite the convenient use of the product in a vacuum package, it is better to avoid their use. If possible, it should buy food in the usual way "- give expert advice.

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