We Say NO! To Unisex Toilets at Buxton School

00:10, Wednesday, 30 November, 2016
We Say NO! To Unisex Toilets at Buxton School

We do not wish for our children to be part of this social experiment and therefore request the head teacher to take the appropriate action to restore traditionally segregated facilities without undue delay.
     We believe the decision to introduce unisex toilets will disrupt the hygiene, privacy, safety, security and the wellbeing of the children attending Buxton School. We fear that it may potentially cause an increase in sexually related incidents, including assault and harassment.
     We are concerned about the introduction of unisex toilets at our school. Failure to act upon our concerns will only motivate us to expose locally and nationally the decision to creep this idea into ours schools with no justification, consultation or notification to parents/guardians of those children who this decision will impact.
     We call upon our local councillors and MP to apply pressure on the school until the corrective measures have been taken.

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