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The Republican Party of Armenia “will punish” Mher Sedrakyan

17:26, Monday, 22 February, 2016
The Republican Party of Armenia “will punish” Mher Sedrakyan

The journalists are firmly determined for tomorrow's protest. They have begun to collect signatures for condemning the incident between the deputy Mher Sedrakyan and the journalists. They demand the Government to bring the deputy to responsibility. They also demand that he should apologize to the journalists.

They say that realizing the journalists’ righteous protest and considering its discredited state the elite of Republican Party of Armenia is going to invite Mher Sedrakyan for demanding an explanation tomorrow morning. According to rumours the Republicans are trying to be ready for journalists’ questions during the protest action. Most of the media does not believe that Mher Sedrakyan will be punished

saying that Sedrakyan will once again make a statement expressing his regrets over the words said while being nervous and thus breaking the rules and ethics, after which he will stay unpunished.
Attention! Information is not official.
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