The police broke up anti-government demonstration in Istanbul

12:45, Tuesday, 21 July, 2015
The police broke up anti-government demonstration in Istanbul

Earlier on Monday, in a tea café in front of the cultural center Suruci, located on the border with Syria, there was a terrorist attack that killed people and more than 30 100 injured. The bomb exploded in front of the Cultural Center, which brought together Turkish Kurds, who were preparing to go to Syria to help rebuild the city Kobanov affected by militant attacks terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IG). Responsibility for the attack power conferred on the IG, which used a suicide bomber.

Thousands of people participated in a demonstration in the center of Istanbul against the terrorist attack in Suruci and policies of the Turkish government, which, according to them, condone terrorism. The action was attended by representatives of the opposition levotsentristkoy Republican People's Party and the pro-Kurdish Democracy Party peoples. According to the portal Sendika, protesters chanted slogans "IG - killer AKP (the ruling Justice and Development Party - Ed.) - Accomplices." Speakers at the rally blamed for the attack in Suruci AKP and called on the government to resign.

Police at first did not interfere with the action, but then used water cannons and tear gas to disperse it. One person was wounded by a bullet plastic. About detentions were reported.

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