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Ara Gevorgyan intends to struggle against Azerbaijani defalcation till the very end

14:01, Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
Ara Gevorgyan intends to struggle against Azerbaijani defalcation till the very end

It has been already 7 years that composer Ara Gevorgyan is struggling against the usage of “Artsakh” song in Azerbaijani films and official ceremonies without mention the names of the composer, that is to say, his name.

With the interview of the correspondent of MAMUL.am news agency, Ara Gevorgyan told that in order to solve the issue finally he together with the President of Armenain Compsers’ Union intends to send a letter to the President of Azerbaijan, its Minister of Culture and the President of Composers’ Union.

“I am only interested in the fact that in Azerbaijani films and during the official ceremonies Azerbaijani use the music composed by me, played by me and Philharmonic orchestra with Jivan Gasparyan playing the Duduk and Norayr Sharoyan playing the drum. Under the music composed by us they present Baku and their army. They think that the music was composed by another man, whose name is written under the video of my music in YouTube.

Azerbaijani people say that the music was composed by the above mentioned person. I want to ask them: “If he composed the music in 1930,as you like to state, please show me any evidence in the form of document to your words. If it is your music, then please at least introduce the original music of it””,- said Ara Gevorgyan in an interview with us.

“I want to both inform and prove with my letter that it is my music. I will send a letter-package that includes the Olympic games of 2002 and 2006, when publicly for the whole world it was announced that the author of the music is me, Ara Gevorgyan. Why nobody appealed or sued me then saying that it is his music”,- added the composer.

The document proving the fact that “Artsakh” is his music, is shown in Gevoryan’s official music.

“With this document I can easily file a case. Only I need a lawyer for this, who will advice me wether it worths filing a case or not. I need an advice”,- told Ara Gevorgyan.

In the following video the composer also gives a detailed analysis, why the song started to “belong Azerbaijanis” since 2007.

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