General election in Great Britain has begun

13:30, Thursday, 04 July, 2024
General election in Great Britain has begun

The election for the House of Commons has begun in the UK, with a clear victory expected for the opposition Labor Party. Polling stations opened on Thursday at 07:00․

In the last few years shaped by Brexit, Corona, economic crisis and countless scandals, voters seem to be yearning for a change. The British people experienced five conservative prime ministers in the 14 years of Tory rule, in 2022 there were three within four months.

The Tories had mainly conducted a negative campaign, warned against tax increases under a Labour government, and announced a tougher approach regarding migration and security. Surprisingly, they received support from former Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a gathering in London. He urged the party not to consider the predicted electoral defeat as a "given".

Labour leader Starmer campaigned for a return to seriousness in British politics, promised long-term economic growth, and presented himself primarily as a servant of the country. "Country first, then politics," he emphasized repeatedly. In the final sprint of his campaign, he appealed once more for support for his party: "If you want changes, you have to vote for it," Starmer said on a Wednesday.

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