President Abbas thanks Armenian counterpart for his country's recognition of the State of Palestine

14:18, Wednesday, 26 June, 2024
President Abbas thanks Armenian counterpart for his country's recognition of the State of Palestine

President Mahmoud Abbas thanked today the President of the Republic of Armenia, Vahagn Khachaturian, for his country's recognition of the State of Palestine.

President Abbas addressed a message of thanks and appreciation to the Armenian counterpart, saying that Armenia's recognition of the State of Palestine expresses the country's values and its leadership’s commitment to achieving justice and its belief in human rights.

The President said this confirms the depth of relations of friendship and respect that unite the two countries and the Palestinian and Armenian peoples, adding that the recognition also contributes to alleviating the injustice that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people since the beginning of the Nakba till today, as the Palestinian people face the bloody aggression of the Israeli occupation for the ninth consecutive month.

“Your wise decision, which is consistent with international law, international legitimacy and the United Nations resolutions, is a step forward in recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to their land on the 1967 borders, the necessity of ending the Israeli occupation, self-determination and sovereignty and independence, as well as and the inevitability of respecting their dignity, humanity and freedom, like the other peoples of the world,” said President Abbas.

President Abbas said he is looking forward to the countries that have not yet recognized the independent State of Palestine to follow suit, in order to achieve security, peace and coexistence between the State of Palestine and the countries of the region, so that all the peoples of the region may live in peace and stability.

He wished his Armenian counterpart health, happiness and success, and the friendly Republic of Armenia and its people further progress and prosperity, expressing hope that the relations of Palestine and Armenia would witness development and growth.

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