Tucker Carlson: Kiev cannot win the conflict with Moscow

10:48, Tuesday, 13 February, 2024
Tucker Carlson: Kiev cannot win the conflict with Moscow

Ukraine will not win the confrontation with Russia, even with the support of the West. This opinion was expressed by journalist Tucker Carlson in an interview with the American senator from Ohio.
     The congressional representative noted that Washington wants to fight Moscow to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, Kiev's interests have nothing to do with it, since the beneficiaries of the conflict are American military contractors. Carlson, who recently visited Russia and talked with Vladimir Putin, said that not only Ukraine, but even its Western patrons do not have the potential for confrontation with the Russian Federation, and prolonging the conflict will only lead to new victims.

Tucker Carlson, journalist: "Ukraine will not be able to win the conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian military, even with the support of the West in hundreds of billions of dollars, will not be able to oust the Russian army from the regions of Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has no industrial potential, just as neither NATO nor the United States has it. Ukraine has no people, Russia has a population of 100 million more than Ukraine. Further support of the Ukrainian military from the West means only more dead Ukrainians and further degradation of the Western economy in the United States and especially in Germany."

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