Brussels audits EU states’ arms supplies to Ukraine

14:00, Tuesday, 16 January, 2024
Brussels audits EU states’ arms supplies to Ukraine

Brussels is conducting an audit of how much weaponry EU member states have provided to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country, in response to claims that some capitals have failed to send as much as they could.

Western military and financial aid to Ukraine has dwindled in recent months, restricting Kyiv’s ability to defend against Russia’s attacks and launch counteroffensive operations and sparking concern that willingness to help Ukraine is ebbing after almost two years of war.

The audit comes as Brussels and Washington are struggling to find political consensus that would allow them to sign off on new financial aid packages to Kyiv together worth about $110bn.

Bipartisan divisions in the US Congress have prevented the passing of a funding package for Ukraine worth more than $60bn proposed by President Joe Biden. The money is required to continue US military shipments to Kyiv.

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