Zelensky in Switzerland caused confusion with one remark

22:24, Tuesday, 16 January, 2024
Zelensky in Switzerland caused confusion with one remark

Users of the social network X expressed confusion about Vladimir Zelensky's statement about support from Switzerland.

Zelensky arrived in this country on Monday to communicate with foreign leaders and participate in the Davos Forum. After meeting with the country's president, Vila Amherd, he published a message stating that Bern provides humanitarian, financial and political support to Kiev. "It's time": Musk responded to Zelensky's request

"How does this relate to Switzerland's traditional neutrality?" Fernando Gutierrez was surprised.

"I thought Switzerland had always remained neutral," said Tmaze formally Change.

Switzerland has agreed to hold a global summit on the Ukrainian formula of peace in the country at the request of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Neutral Switzerland has previously acted as a mediator in conflict resolution and can now help find a solution to end the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine.

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