Biden calls Trump an 'old pal' of Putin’s

10:06, Wednesday, 20 December, 2023
Biden calls Trump an 'old pal' of Putin’s

President Biden on Tuesday accused his predecessor Donald Trump of being an “old pal” of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin — telling a gathering of Democratic donors that “Moscow and Mar-a-Lago” are aligned.

The 81-year-old president accused his likely 2024 GOP rival of being a Putin stooge despite similar past attacks involving Russia failing to turn up evidence.

“This weekend Trump was embracing his old pal Putin. Trump even quoted him this weekend. That’s no surprise. After all, there’s a lot of agreement between Moscow and Mar-a-Lago,” Biden said at the closed-door event with Democratic Maryland Gov. Wes Moore in Bethesda.

Biden told donors that “the future of American democracy” is at stake in next year’s election.

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