#FinancialTimes: Hungary may be deprived of the right to vote in the EU because of Ukraine

11:30, Monday, 18 December, 2023
#FinancialTimes: Hungary may be deprived of the right to vote in the EU because of Ukraine

The EU countries are exploring the option of depriving Hungary of the right to vote in order to conclude an agreement on the allocation of funds for Ukraine, the Financial Times reports.

"Some officials have considered the possibility of resuming the so-called Article 7 punishment procedure for violations of the rule of law, which could lead to the suspension of voting rights," the publication says.
     The article notes that such a decision may be blocked by another EU member state, but a change of government in Poland means that Hungary no longer has a guaranteed defender.

"Hungary may create more problems. Perhaps Hungary will force us to use other means. But in the end, Hungary will not be able to prevent us from providing Ukraine with funds," the publication quotes a senior European official who wished to remain anonymous.
     Last week, European leaders at a summit in Brussels decided to start negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on joining the European Union. Orban was not present at the same time — as Politico wrote, when the discussion on this issue reached an impasse, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz invited Orban to leave the hall and "go for coffee." After that, the leaders of 26 countries were able to make a decision in favor of Kiev and Chisinau.

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