Orban: Have wrong choice makers foot the bill, not Hungarians

14:48, Friday, 15 December, 2023
Orban: Have wrong choice makers foot the bill, not Hungarians

– We had a lengthy and difficult debate. I spent eight hours trying to convince everyone not to put this issue on the agenda, because the decision is untimely. Let's revisit this when Ukraine will be ready to negotiate," PM Orban told Hungarian Kossuth Radio's 'Good Morning, Hungary' program, after 26 member states decided to support the opening of EU accession negotiations with Ukraine, with Hungary withdrawing. Speaking after the EU summit in Brussels, PM Orban underlined that.

Better later than never," PM Orban remarked in connection with the release of one-third of EU funds due to Hungary. He emphasized that Hungarians are entitled to these amounts. Despite the challenges of the past year, the Hungarian economy has managed to survive without EU money. Mr. Orban criticized a tendency in Brussels to abuse their powers.

He mentioned that other countries aim to amend the EU's seven-year budget, a move Hungary has vetoed. Mr. Orban added that if someone wants to modify the budget, it's a good opportunity for Hungary to secure what it is entitled to.

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