Israel agreed to delay Gaza ground invasion. #Axios

15:36, Wednesday, 25 October, 2023
Israel agreed to delay Gaza ground invasion. #Axios

Israel has agreed to a US request to delay the ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip until “additional American forces arrive” in the region, Army Radio reported yesterday.

According to the station, the US has informed Israel that it intends to send additional American troops to the Middle East, “due to fear of increasing Iranian attacks on its forces in the region.”

Israeli officials said Tel Aviv has also decided to delay the group invasion for other reasons including enhancing the operational readiness of its forces and in an effort to resolve the hostage issue with the hope of releasing more of the prisoners of the war held in Gaza.

According to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, the Israeli army is pressuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to green light a ground invasion in the Gaza Strip.

Army officials believe that it is “necessary” to launch a ground operation in Gaza to achieve the Israeli goals from the war, even “at the expense of losing many soldiers,” the daily said.

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