New Year in Idram. results of 2022

14:06, Thursday, 05 January, 2023
New Year in Idram. results of 2022

The first publication of Idram in 2023 of course should be exactly like this: having reached the set achievements of 2022, the certain heights and clear results, with new initiatives in the plans. Well, let's sum up the outgoing year in Idram.

In 2022, the number of outlets with Idram payment opportunity has doubled: now you can pay contactless at more than 14,000 outlets and 1000+ online stores without worrying about payment security, without forgetting your wallet and without having a card with you.

The total number of registered users in Idram is over 1.5 million. We are extremely proud to have a special place in smartphones and in the hearts of so many users.

New Year in Idram. results of 2022
New Year in Idram. results of 2022

This year, the number of QR payments made using the Idram&IDBank application exceeded 3,000,000, the number of all payments together - 55,000,000, and more than 50,000 customers used Rocket Line to receive goods at the same time and pay later, making a total of 950,000 payments.

In 2022, Idram has become even more popular in the regions of Armenia. It is already possible to pay via Idram in most outlets in Syunik, Lori, Tavush, Shirak and other regions.

Not limiting us to the territory of our country, this year we signed a memorandum of understanding with Visa to cooperate in the markets of more than 98 countries in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa to provide advanced fintech solutions.

In 2022, in the interests of our customers, we started to cooperate with the IDplus loyalty platform.

In autumn we announced the birth of our youngest app, Idram Junior. Junior will still be able to tell everything on his own, but about that in the near future.

Well, at the end of the year, we decided to increase the number of good deeds and initiate the “Act of Kindness” campaign, within which we decided allocate most of the budget of Idram and IDBank New Year gifts to charity, passing the challenge to our partners. By the way, we have already crossed the threshold of 111 million drams with the initiative of “The power of one dram”. This year we supported 9 foundations.

We are confident that this year we will multiply innovative programs and good deeds, reaching new milestones together with our partners and clients.

And in the end, we heartily congratulate all our users: let the 2023 be a year of peace, abundance, tranquility and peace of mind.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year in Idram. results of 2022
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