Taguhi Tovmasyan: A Humanitarian emergency in Artsakh is inevitable

13:36, Tuesday, 20 December, 2022
Taguhi Tovmasyan: A Humanitarian emergency in Artsakh is inevitable

It is already 9 days, Artsakh is under blockade by Azerbaijan. More than 120000 people of Artsakh continue to face the severe consequences of the humanitarian crisis. As a result of the blockade, patients who are in critical and extremely critical condition in the medical centers of the Republic of Artsakh can’t be moved to Armenian medical centers in order to provide them proper medical care. Unfortunately, one of the critically ill patients died yesterday.

I voice an alarm to my international colleagues, that in the near future we will surely witness mass irreversible consequences as a result of impunity of Azerbaijan by the international community. All the supplies, entrance and exits to Artsakh are simply blocked.

Azerbaijan, the author of such a flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law, must be punished. Sanctions against Azerbaijan, the exercise of relevant international legal and political instruments are imperative in order to save the 120000 people of Artsakh from the aggressor.

In this situation, I made a special request to T. N. Moskalkova, the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation and to V.A. Fadeev, the Chairman of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, in order that Russian humanitarian aid is sent to Artsakh through Russian peacekeepers. I have attached the list of basic needs.

The civilized world simply should not stay indifferent to the 120000 endangered lives... A humanitarian emergency in Artsakh is inevitable...

Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs, nonpartisan

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