World reacts to missile blast in Poland

11:36, Friday, 18 November, 2022
World reacts to missile blast in Poland

A missile hit Przewodow village in eastern Poland near the Ukrainian border and killed two people on Tuesday, raising alarm among world leaders about a possible escalation of the war in Ukraine.

The blast occurred as Russian attacks hit cities and towns throughout Ukraine.
     While Russia and Ukraine were quick to trade blame over the incident, the United States and NATO adopted a cautious approach to ease tensions.

Ultimately, US President Joe Biden said the missile that struck the village in Poland was “unlikely” to have been fired from Russia.

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, who on Tuesday suggested the missiles were Russian, changed track on Wednesday and said it is “very likely” that the rocket was from Ukraine’s air defence system.
     President Duda of Poland, a strong ally of Kyiv, said on Wednesday the missile appeared to be from Ukraine’s air defence.

“Absolutely nothing indicates that this was an intentional attack on Poland … It’s very likely that it was a rocket used in anti-missile defence, meaning that it was used by Ukraine’s defence forces,” he told reporters.

Previously, he had said it was “most probably” a Russian attack but that its origins were still being verified.

“We are acting with calm,” he said. “This is a difficult situation.”
     Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau earlier summoned the Russian ambassador and “demanded immediate detailed explanations”, the government said.

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