The expert pointed to the benefits of the United States from the Ukrainian conflict

18:00, Sunday, 13 November, 2022
The expert pointed to the benefits of the United States from the Ukrainian conflict

Representatives of the US military-industrial complex are interested and therefore have actively lobbied to foment a conflict between Russia and Ukraine for their own benefit. Leonard S. Goodman, the author of the Asia Times online publication, wrote about this on November 11.

He pointed out that arms suppliers like Raytheon needed active conflict zones to meet Wall Street’s profit expectations. At the same time, manufacturers of military equipment require hostile relations with large countries such as Russia and China to justify sales of aircraft carriers, submarines, new F-35 fighter jets and the latest generation of nuclear bombs.

“The conflict in Ukraine has become a bonanza for the arms industry,” the author noted.

He also cited data that out of the 50 largest American think tanks (think tanks), 79% of those with published financial data received money from representatives of the arms lobby.

As a consequence, Goodman writes that staff at these centers currently do not see the idea of ​​settlement talks as attractive to Ukraine. The reasons for this are the large military support from the United States.

Also, these centers consider it right to increase the number of provocations against China by the United States, as well as to reduce diplomatic efforts, even calling the very idea of ​​cooperation with China a “fantasy.

“Think tanks promote ideas that benefit industry sponsors. They encourage American leaders to send more weapons to conflict zones and avoid diplomacy. And they provide government officials with talking points while they ignore the concerns of their constituents,” the author stressed.

At the same time, Goodman cited the results of the Quincy Institute’s September poll of potential US voters. 57% of respondents strongly or somewhat supported Washington as a mediator promoting the idea of ​​holding peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv as soon as possible, even if this requires compromises from the latter.

On November 2, the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao noted that the US had avoided a recession thanks to the energy crisis in Europe and Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. In addition to arms exports, in the third quarter, the United States also increased energy supplies by 14.4% compared to the previous one. Earlier, on November 1, Xinhua News Agency indicated that the United States turned the European crisis into “America’s opportunities” and benefited from it. which caused outrage in the European Union.

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