The Artsakh Information Center issued a clarification

14:30, Wednesday, 24 August, 2022
The Artsakh Information Center issued a clarification

Yesterday, on August 23, the Azerbaijani media published information about the visit of the employees of the Azerbaijan "Amelioration and Water Management" Company to the Sarsang reservoir with the participation of representatives of the Artsakh Republic, which caused certain concerns and questions among the public.
     In this regard, we inform you that considering the situation created after the 44-day war of 2020, in order to manage water resources and ensure the safety of drinking and irrigation water supplied to the public, the representatives of the Water Committee of the Artsakh Republic, with the mediation of the Russian peacekeeping troops deployed in Artsakh, have been in contact with the Azerbaijani side since 2021 and make periodic visits to the areas under the control of Azerbaijan to reach mutual agreements on the use of drinking and irrigation water supplied to a number of communities of the Republic (Stepanakert, inclusive) and settle some issues.
     Within that framework, another meeting was organized near the Sarsang reservoir to discuss the issue of use of Sarsang waters on mutually beneficial terms. Ideas on the possible options for rational use of water were exchanged on the spot, taking into consideration the control of the Artsakh Republic over the Sarsang reservoir, and the control of Azerbaijan over the irrigation infrastructures. In the near future, discussions will continue and decisions will be made in the interests of the Artsakh Republic, based on the needs of both electricity generation and irrigation in the Sarsang region, as well as drinking and irrigation water needs in other parts of the Republic.
     Although we understand the criticism addressed to the state structures of the Artsakh Republic, we would like to inform that the authorities of Artsakh do not seek to hide any event, they are guided merely by the interest of the Artsakh Republic and the people of Artsakh, tactfully taking all possible measures in the current situation to increase the level of security of the state and the public and neutralize the phenomena causing tension.

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