"Stronger than life": a film about those who live and inspire to live after the war

22:06, Thursday, 11 August, 2022
"Stronger than life": a film about those who live and inspire to live after the war

A special screening of the film "Stronger than life" took place at the Cinema House. The film was created by LC production and tells about the wounded soldiers and the families of the fallen soldiers after the Second Artsakh War: their emotions and desire to live.

Both the heroes of the film and the beneficiaries of the “Power of One Dram” initiative took part in the screening of the film.

According to the producer of the film, Tsovinar Mkrtchyan, the film “Stronger than life” tells about people who lost their most precious and dearest in the war. “But despite this, most of them are fighting, acting, changing, living. And if they can, then we, at least, are obliged. This film is about being able to live at a time when life seems impossible and meaningless. The author of the idea of ​​the film, Shushan Rafayelyan, infected us with her next great idea, which is based on love, high civic responsibility and a great desire to do a valuable thing,” says Tsovinar Mkrtchyan.

The film became a reality with the financial support of Idram.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, head of public relations department at Idram, the importance of the film lies in the fact that it shows post-war life not in the colors that most of us see: dark, condensed, often even colorless, but the strength that the characters found in themselves to get well, and also to help our society. That's why we decided to support the film. Let me remind you that the “Power of one dram” program is also about our collective strength, when Idram and IDBank, thanks to us, transfer one dram to various initiatives when paying through the Idram system. The total amount that companies have allocated to funds that carry out vital activities in our country is more than 90 million drams,” said Tatevik Vardevanyan.

IDBank and Idram donate one dram to the “Power of one dram” initiative every time you make a payment through the companies' platforms. Using the Idram&IDBank application, you can make payments in more than 10500 stores, in more than 900 online stores, as well as for 400+ services available in the system.

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