Erdogan To Visit Russia On Aug 5; Likely To Hold Talks With Putin On Grain Corridor Deal

21:06, Tuesday, 26 July, 2022
Erdogan To Visit Russia On Aug 5; Likely To Hold Talks With Putin On Grain Corridor Deal

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to embark on a one-day visit to Russia on August 5. According to the Turkish presidency, Erdogan will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the coastal city of Sochi. The Turkey President's visit comes in the backdrop of the Russian shelling of Ukraine's Odessa port, just a day after the historic grain corridor agreement was signed on July 22 in Istanbul. Earlier on July 26, Erdogan expressed concern over Russia's actions and asked both warring sides to follow through on their commitments and adhere to their agreements regarding the export of Ukrainian grains.

Meanwhile, on July 24, the Turkish Defence Ministry promised to ensure speedy and safe grain exports from Ukraine via the Black Sea. Defence Minister Hulusi Akar stated that Ankara will continue to uphold its commitment and fulfil the obligations laid out in the grain agreement. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Turkey has continued to serve as the primary mediator between the two warring sides.
     Turkey's President bats for strict implementation of grain agreement
     Further, the transcontinental nation has also facilitated multiple rounds of peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and laid the foundation for a historic agreement that would aid in reducing the immediate dangers of global food insecurity and hunger in weaker nations. "We expect everyone to fulfil their part of the grain agreement. Its failure will turn against us all. We are determined to implement this agreement with all of its components and our efforts in this regard continue," Turkish President Erdogan told TRT World. Earlier, he stated that the agreement has been made taking care of all processes, from the departure of the ships to their safe passage as well as arrival at the destination ports.Russia-Ukraine grain agreement
     It is pertinent to mention here that Ukraine and Russia signed separate grain export deals with the United Nations and Turkey, paving the way for the shipment of millions of tonnes of urgently required Ukrainian grain. The deal is expected to enable Ukraine to resume shipping grain from the Black Sea to international markets. In addition, Russia would also begin exporting grain and fertilisers, ending a dispute that had jeopardised global food security.

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