IMAX has officially confirmed its departure from Russia

18:36, Saturday, 23 July, 2022
IMAX has officially confirmed its departure from Russia

IMAX Corporation left Russia on June 1, 2022. Roman Isaev, member of the Board of the Association of Cinema Owners, announced today.
     “I am ready to confirm that the IMAX corporation left Russia, the last day of its official representation and work here was May 31. All employees were fired, respectively, the corporation’s management represented by the vice president for Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East, who was based in Moscow , moved to London. From June 1, 2022, IMAX Corporation no longer operates in Russia,” he said.
     Earlier, the specialized media and journalists reported that IMAX had ceased to do business in Russia. However, there was no official confirmation of this information.
     IMAX Corporation is a Canadian entertainment technology company specializing in motion picture technology and large format film presentations. It was founded in 1967. The headquarters is in Ontario. IMAX has over 1,500 theaters in over 80 countries. In Russia, the IMAX network had 49 halls.
     15 June IKEA informed about “reducing the scale of business” in Russia: factories will be sold, employees are waiting for “optimization”.
     On June 7, the American corporation IBM announced the termination of work in Russia against the backdrop of a military invasion of Ukraine.
     May 23 about leaving the Russian market announced Starbucks,
     May 16 McDonald’s fast food chain announced about the final withdrawal from Russia, further work “does not correspond to the values” of the company.
     On March 4, it became known that the American IT company Microsoft is suspending the sale of goods and the provision of services in Russia in response to unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.
     On March 1, Nike closed sales on the official website and in the application for Russians, but the manufacturer’s stores continued to work.
     Since the start of the war, more than a thousand Western companies have already left Russia. At the same time, the country’s authorities promise to replace imported goods with domestic ones. For example, they plan to assemble Muscovites at the Renault plant, and replace Coca-Cola with Komi Cola:

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