The bad weather from June 2 to 5 will cost 940 million euros

18:18, Wednesday, 22 June, 2022
The bad weather from June 2 to 5 will cost 940 million euros

The bad weather that occurred between June 2 and 5, which caused 258,000 claims in several regions of France, should cost 940 million euros, according to a first estimate published…

This is the second wave of severe weather after that which took place between May 20 and 23, with 93,000 victims, for damage estimated at 323 million euros.

The total amount of damage is now estimated at more than 1.2 billion euros in two weeks.

These figures include damage to homes (€410 million), cars (€370 million), professional (€90 million) and agricultural property, including crops (€70 million), specifies France Assureurs in a press release.

The state of natural disaster was recognized on June 12 in several municipalities in the Massif Central, Ile-de-France or south-west France, affected by floods, hail or mudslides.
     In all, 65 departments had been affected by these bad weather, which had left one dead and fifteen injured.

“These two meteorological episodes which crossed France had dramatic consequences for many of our fellow citizens”, declared the president of France Assureurs Florence Lustman, specifying that the federation would provide its support to the insured.

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