Biden calls Putin “dictator” again and calls his troops “fools”

18:42, Wednesday, 04 May, 2022
Biden calls Putin “dictator” again and calls his troops “fools”

“A dictator with dumb troops.” This is how Joe Biden has portrayed Russian President Vladimir Putin and his army during a visit to a factory in Alabama that manufactures the Javelin, the famous anti-armor missiles that have helped Ukraine so much to defend itself from Russia since the beginning of the invasion.
     The US president, who is pressing Congress to pass a $33 billion aid package to Ukraine, praised the workers and railed against his Russian counterpart.
     “You are allowing the Ukrainians to defend themselves. And frankly, on numerous occasions, Ukraine makes a fool of the Russian military… If you don’t stand up to the dictators, history has shown us that they will continue to appear, that they will continue to moving forward. His appetite for power just keeps growing,” Biden said.
     In his speech to the workers of this factory, Biden admitted that the war in Ukraine “will not be cheap” but insisted that the cost of “giving in to the aggression” of Russia would be “much higher”.

That is why he repeated his message to the country’s Congress to approve his request for new allocations for military aid to Ukraine.
     “We need more money to ensure that the United States continues to send arms directly to the front lines of freedom in Ukraine and continue to support the Ukrainian people financially and humanitarianally,” the president said.
     On April 28, Biden formally requested from Congress $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, of which more than $20 billion will go to military assistance to support kyiv’s fight against the Russian invasion.
     On the other hand, the Russian president blamed the West for the escalation in the conflict for its supply of weapons to Ukraine and asked, during a phone call with President Emmanuel Macron, to stop aid to the country.

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