Montenegro urged providers to turn off RT and Sputnik broadcasts

19:54, Wednesday, 20 April, 2022
Montenegro urged providers to turn off RT and Sputnik broadcasts

The Council of the Electronic Media Agency (AEM) of Montenegro called on providers to turn off broadcasting in the republic of RT and Sputnik.
     “The AEM Council stated that with the entry into force of the government’s decision on restrictive measures in relation to RT and Sputnik, all those who provide broadcast services should, if they have not already done so, immediately exclude these programs and their content from their proposal,” Radio quotes and Montenegrin television regulator.
     “This involves the withdrawal of all broadcasting and distribution permissions on any platform. Considering that AEM is responsible for the implementation of the measures by the decision of the government, the agencies of the agency will take all measures for this decision to come into force,” the message says.
     The Montenegrin authorities, after several unsuccessful attempts, adopted on April 8 a package of sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Before that, they declared 4 embassy diplomats persona non grata. Earlier, on March 4, Montenegro declared one diplomat from the Russian Embassy persona non grata.
     Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow did not expect the West to impose sanctions on journalists, athletes, and cultural figures. The head of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Valery Fadeev, sent an appeal to the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, and urged her to take measures to comply with the norms relating to freedom of the press, due to the harassment of Russian-language publications.

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