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"Zhoghovourd": Vitali Balasanyan was sent to Armen Charchyan as an envoy by the authorities

09:30, Wednesday, 15 September, 2021
"Zhoghovourd": Vitali Balasanyan was sent to Armen Charchyan as an envoy by the authorities

According to the information provided by "Zhoghovourd" journal the authorities want to "liquidate" "Armenia" parliamentary group of the National Assembly by any means. The purpose is to force the deputies from the very parliamentary group, who are under detention, to leave their deputy mandates and stay out of politics.

The sources of the journal inform that now the authorities are busy with "neutralizing" doctor Armen Charchyan and leaving him out of politics. We should mention that he is under detention, though his health condition is severe. Our sources from the authorities say that an envoy has even been sent to the hospital to convince Charchyan to leave politics. According to our sources the envoy has been Vitali Balasanyan, the secretary of the Security Council of Artsakh, which is strange.
     The latter asked Charchyan to leave his deputy mandate and go to medical sphere, for this the authorities will forget the criminal case initiated against him. But Charchyan refused to accept his offer.
     The journal tried to talk to Eric Aleksanyan, Armen Charchyan’s advocate, to understand whether Balasanyan visited Charchyan or not.
     "I do not possess such information, I meet Mr. Charchyan every day, but he has not told me anything like that. Tell you more, I know Mr. Charchyan, he would not take any actions in exchange for something, but I do not have any other information", concluded the advocate.
     More details in today’s number of the journal.

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