''Mass killing took place in Kovsakan on October 20''. Arman Tatoyan

17:30, Thursday, 09 September, 2021
''Mass killing took place in Kovsakan on October 20''. Arman Tatoyan

Human Rights Defender of the RA has posted on his Facebook page, ''A series of shootings took place, Armenian servicemen were killed in Kovsakan on October 20, when 61 Armenian servicemen went from Kapan to Kovsakan; some of them were saved or forcibly disappeared. It becomes clear from the evidence on this case, that there had been cruel treatment not only towards alive people, but also human body parts. There are photos where the servicemen of Azerbaijani border service are exactly cutting killed soldiers’ ears.
     It can be proved from the evidence that the workers of Azerbaijani border service have committed these acts of cruelty. One of the proofs, confirming this, is the case when Armenian killed soldiers’ body parts were tied to a special car ''Otokar APV'' of Turkish production, which belonged to Azerbaijani border service, and pulled in Kovsakan.
     It is significant, that today the same servicemen from the border service are in the roads linking communities in Syunik. Moreover, we have valid information claiming that there are cases when the servicemen of the Azerbaijani military forces, including the ones of Special Forces, get dressed like border keepers and are deployed on the roads''.

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