Marina Malakhyan, the headmaster of 122 school has been arrested

14:18, Thursday, 09 September, 2021
Marina Malakhyan, the headmaster of 122 school has been arrested

Marina Malakhyan, the headmaster has been arrested in the scope of the criminal case instituted for the scandalous recording in No 122 school. An apprehension pleading has been presented to the court– the Investigation Committee informs.
     It is noteworthy that a few days before Meline Hakobyan, a teacher from the same school applied ''Fact Checking Platform'' and informed that the headmaster of the school had taken a bribe for hiring her, and now demanded some part of her salary. The teacher brought some recordings, which proved the accuracy of all she had mentioned. The sum for hiring the teacher was 1500 USD. They called it ''Thank you'' and the headmaster believed (which becomes apparent from the recording) that wherever teachers go they should tell ''thank you'' to the headmasters, whereas Hasmik Kandzarova, the deputy head of the school, who has also been recorded, claimed that Meline Hakobyan should stay faithful to her rightness.
     When Marina Malakhyan received a call from the Platform and was asked questions upon the matter, she preferred to tell the long story of the life of the school and hers, then finally came back to the question and said that the teacher had given her flowers, sweets and a toy which she decided to convey the inclusive classroom of the school, and she refused to accept the blame of taking a bribe.

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