IDBank joined the fulfillment of children's dreams

17:42, Thursday, 08 July, 2021
IDBank joined the fulfillment of children's dreams

On June 4-6, within the framework of the ''Bigidream'' project of ''The Armenian exists'' public organization, a children's educational, entertaining, competitive music festival was held, which brought together smart, strong, creative children from Artsakh and Armenia. By filling out the relevant application and sharing it on social networks, children participate in the competition and present their dreams.

As a result, dreams of over 200 children were collected. IDBank joined the initiative and expressed its readiness to fulfill the dreams of children.

In addition, IDBank threw a ''challenge of happiness'' to three partner organizations: Unibank, Idram and Ernst&Young. They, in their turn, will fulfill the dreams of several children and continue the marathon of happiness.

Join the happiness marathon and make yourself happy by making the kids happy.

IDBank continues its corporate social responsibility programs, the main focus of which is study, and at the same time, highlighting the problems faced by the country in the post-war period, the Bank pays special attention to the defenders of the Motherland and their families. The Military Insurance Fund has been announced as another beneficiary of the ''Power of One Dram'' initiative in partnership with Idram. In June, 3.334.715 drams have already been gathered. Continue making payments via QR/NFC of the Idram&IDBank app and become a goodwill ambassador.


IDBank joined the fulfillment of children's dreams
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