IDBank’s new offer for business

16:00, Thursday, 01 July, 2021
IDBank’s new offer for business

IDBank offers business loans in AMD with profitable conditions in the frames of cooperation with the EIB - European Investment Bank.

The business loan is provided for the purpose of obtaining funds for the development and promotion of the following sectors:

  • agriculture,
  • processing of agricultural products,
  • tourism,
  • export,
  • industry․

The loan funds can be used by the legal entities registered in the Republic of Armenia, individual entrepreneurs, which have been operating in the above-mentioned spheres for at least 6 months.

Joining the European Investment Bank's third “Private Sector Financing” crediting program, IDBank offers loans ranging from AMD 5 million to AMD 500 million, moreover, depending on the business plan, the loan may exceed the mentioned amount. Loans are provided for a maximum period of 90 months with a grace period of up to 30 months. The annual nominal interest rate of the loan is 8-9.5%, and the maximum actual interest rate is 9.5%.

You can find the terms and conditions of the loan application here.

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