The statement of the bloc "With honor" on the election process

17:00, Sunday, 20 June, 2021
The statement of the bloc "With honor" on the election process

The "With honor" bloc states that especially during the last 48 hours, the interim authorities have engaged in a disgraceful repressions on leading political forces, namely the candidates and supporters of the "With honor" bloc. There have been apparently illegal searches and arrests, most of which have already been overturned by the courts.
     As of 15:45, we continue to receive numerous calls mainly from regional polling stations regarding referrals and pressure from officials. We urge all our teammates and supporters to follow the law and continue to do their job with honor.
     We are especially saddened by the widespread instances of organized pressure on our servicemen, from soldiers to officers, by the capitulating authorities. All those who disrupt the legal process of the elections should not doubt that their actions will be thoroughly investigated and punished with the full force of the law.
     We hope that the information and facts received from various polling stations and observers that the traces or notes on the ballot papers of the "With honor" bloc not provided by law will not become an excuse to invalidate those votes. After the elections, all this should also be examined.
     We call on all our citizens not to be afraid of anything and to go to the polling stations and make their choice by 20:00 today. The sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh, the security of the borders, the restoration of our national solidarity and the preservation of our identity depend on that choice.
     We draw the attention of international and local observer missions to these circumstances and are ready to provide the necessary assistance.

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