Brazil: At least 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out

23:48, Thursday, 06 May, 2021
Brazil: At least 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out

At least 25 people including a police officer have been killed in a shoot-out in Rio de Janeiro, according to local media.
     The shoot-out took place during a police operation in a favela in the Jacarezinho area of the city.
     Police launched the operation after receiving reports that drug traffickers were recruiting children for their gang.
     Two passengers on a metro train were hit by bullets but survived.
     Police in the Brazilian city confirmed the death of one of their officers, Inspector Andre Leonardo de Mello Frias. A statement on Facebook said "he honoured the profession he loved and will be missed".
     Police Chief Ronaldo Oliveira told Reuters news agency that Thursday's raid was "the largest number of deaths in a police operation in Rio".According to local news, the gang targeted in this raid engages in drug trafficking, mugging, murders and kidnappings.
     Television images showed suspects trying to escape across rooftops as police entered the favela.
     Meanwhile, residents of Jacarezinho have shared accounts of what they witnessed on social media.One resident posted a photo of his blood-covered floor and said two people had died in his house as police chased the criminals. The man, who did not want to give his name, said he would try to move out of the area as soon as possible.
     "We're trying to sell the house as fast as possible, we can't continue to live here," he said.
     Other residents said officers had seized their phones, accusing them of warning gang members of the raid.

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