Levon Aronian: «I pray and believe in our future»

16:31, Saturday, 24 April, 2021
Levon Aronian: «I pray and believe in our future»

Armenian chess grandmaster Levon Aronian touched upon the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
     «Every Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day i think about our heroes who never gave up fighting for our national survival. Their selflessness and devotion to one goal.
     It's naive for us to think that Turkish state and it's friends that never recognized it's atrocities will ever do. They proved in 2020 Karabakh war that they will use every chance to kill Armenians.
     But history is a great teacher. The way my people united after the 1918 genocide, repelling it's insatiable enemies and creating a strong state shall happen again, I am sure of it.
     Seeing a wounded and perished Armenia Komitas wrote a song called Anduni - Homeless. It's about a heart that resembles a broken homes and has no place in this world. Today I feel this pain and live with gratitude towards everyone who helped us. I pray and believe in our future.
     God bless Armenia and Armenians».

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