Greta Thunberg statue at Winchester university sparks anger

13:04, Wednesday, 31 March, 2021
Greta Thunberg statue at Winchester university sparks anger

A £24,000 statue of Greta Thunberg installed at a university has sparked anger among students who have branded it a "vanity project".
     The University of Winchester believes it is the world's first life-sized sculpture of the "inspirational" Swedish environmental activist.
     But the students' union said the funds could have been better spent.
     The university said "no money was diverted" from student support or staffing for the project.
     Winchester UCU president Megan Ball described Thunberg as a "fantastic role model to everyone, as someone who speaks loudly and proudly about important global issues" but said the union could not support the sculpture.
     She said: "We're in a Covid year, lots of students haven't really had access to campus, lots of them are trying to study online and are in dire need of support.
     The university's vice-chancellor, Professor Joy Carter, said: "No money was diverted from student support or from staffing to finance the West Downs project. Indeed, the university has spent £5.2m this year on student support."

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