The Pentagon: "Russia is a threat to NATO"

14:15, Wednesday, 17 February, 2021
The Pentagon: "Russia is a threat to NATO"

Russia is a threat to all NATO allies, including the US, the country’s senior defense official said at a briefing, Report informs, referring to the US Department of Defense.

“Russia erodes transparency and predictability. They are using military force to achieve their goals. They support proxy groups and sow chaos and doubt, and undermining the rules-based international order. I think we see a desire by Russia to undermine security and stability around the world with its authoritarian approach,” the official noted.
     “So, this administration has already made clear that we will work with Russia to advance our own interests while holding them to account for their reckless and aggressive actions. And so, we’ll look forward to discussing that with our – our allies this week,” the defense official added.

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