Traces Of Poison In Navalny's Blood, On Bottle, Other Items Identical - German Cabinet

20:15, Monday, 15 February, 2021
Traces Of Poison In Navalny's Blood, On Bottle, Other Items Identical - German Cabinet

Traces of a poisonous substance in blood samples of Alexey Navalny, on a water bottle that was allegedly transported to Germany by his allies and some other items are identical, the German government said in response to a query from the Alternative for Germany faction.

"Yes," the government said in response to the lawmakers' question about lab results.

When asked which agency determined that a poison was present, the government said that "the question is linked to the information that concerns the public interest and therefore cannot be answered."

"No further information is available on water bottle regarding agencies, and the same applies to other items and their features," the government said.

Similar response were given to the questions about who handed these items to German government agencies and where the items were being stored.

The government said it did not know whether employees of Charite clinic in Berlin, where Navalny was treated, wore clothes that could protect against the effects of an alleged chemical agent.

Navalny was hospitalized in the Russian city of Omsk after suddenly falling ill. Doctors at Omsk hospital found no traces of poison in his blood or urine, and suggested that a metabolic malfunctions may have caused his condition. The opposition figure was later transported to Germany. The German government said shortly after that that traces of a nerve agent were discovered in Navalny's lab tests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in December that there were checks into the situation, but a criminal case could not be launched without proper case materials, which Western countries refused to provide.

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