Mr. Pashinyan, the Armenian community is waiting for your resignation, not to come to Moscow։ Ara Abrahamyan

17:55, Saturday, 09 January, 2021
Mr. Pashinyan, the Armenian community is waiting for your resignation, not to come to Moscow։ Ara Abrahamyan

You have published on the social network FB ′′ priority ′′ points of malicious statements to the Armenian statehood and our people, which will seem to form the basis of some new agreement to sign in Moscow.
     In April 2018, when you, exploiting the sincere feelings of our gullible people, insisted on the Prime Minister's chair, the Union of Armenians of Russia organized a round table with the participation of representatives of the Armenian community, which made our concerns and negative forecasts connected with your coming to power.
     After almost three years, you, with virtually limitless power and unprecedented trust of the people, unfortunately, have never done anything to make our attitude towards you change for the better.
     Why and what are you going to Russia with now? What else are you going to sign and what else to agree on?
     Why are you so interested in quickly completing the surrender of everything you can? To whom and what do you owe so much that you are ready to endure all the humiliation and boldness from Aliyev? Why can't you stop and stop the scenario that destroys Armenia, despite the calls of the people of Armenia and Artsakh, the president of the country, the spiritual leaders of our people - Catholics Garegin II and Aram I, diaspora?
     Why are you, instead of suspending the implementation of all other declarations before Azerbaijan executes paragraph No. 8 on the return of Armenian prisoners held hostage to Baku, suddenly link the issue of ′′ choice of transport routes ′′ to our society? vital to Azerbaijan and Turkey and those of secondary importance to Armenia?!
     Is there a question of the status of Artsakh on the agenda of your negotiations and agreements?
     Mr. Pashinyan, you can no longer represent Armenians and sign any documents on behalf of Armenia. Since you have been acting outside the RA legal field for two months and have nothing to do with the state or people whose name you are still trying to cover yourself with tight borders of armed guards, while forgetting that today is in security and Armenian citizens, borders and residents of Syunik need protection.
     I would like to know what they are doing and how they are involved in these state structures processes and whether their leaders understand that they, by their actions or inaction, are equally responsible for what is happening to you?
     Why does the interests of the state and citizens of the country defend today not the National Assembly, not the Security Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Defense, but only the Armenian Ombutsman?
     Mr. Pashinyan, if you don't have answers to these questions, then you don't need to go to Moscow and annoy and humiliate Russia's three millionth Armenian community with your appearance. The Armenian community of Russia is waiting for your resignation, not to come to Moscow.

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