The Louvre has resumed work after quarantine

19:50, Monday, 06 July, 2020
The Louvre has resumed work after quarantine

One of the most visited museums in the world - the Paris Louvre opened its doors on Monday after they had remained closed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus almost four months. Tickets online on the first day of work booked more than 7 thousand visitors, told RIA Novosti the Museum.

After the easing of the quarantine measures, some museums – mostly small – have opened in France in may, others larger in June. The Louvre began to take the audience one of the last.

"Monday was booked about 7.4 thousand tickets. But the day is not over yet," said RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Louvre. According to her, most of the visitors are French, but there are also tourists from European countries.

"Usually, the Louvre takes 30-40 thousand people a day, 75% of them are foreigners, often from distant countries. Of course, today they are not due to closed borders. But we hope that the Louvre will be visited daily from 5 to 10 thousand people", - said the Agency interlocutor. Last year the Louvre has received 9.6 million visitors.

In the current environment is guaranteed to get to the Museum you can only book tickets on the website and selecting a specific time period. You can buy the ticket directly at the entrance will be possible only if there are seats remaining after the sale online, is noted in the Museum. Those who are eligible for free entrance, also is to attend to the question of redundancy. The entrance to the Louvre is under the pyramid, where visitors are distributed in two queues according to the reserved time.

Must-have accessories are a protective mask. To avoid crossing streams of visitors, the Museum administration has imposed certain routes that allow you to return back for inspection exposure.

"We are from the Netherlands but now living in London. Came to Paris for the weekend to enjoy this city without the crowds of people. Yes, now there is a queue. But compared to the usual tourist season in Paris is almost nothing," says the elderly man, who came to the Louvre with my wife.

In the queue at the entrance to the correspondent of RIA Novosti also met tourists from Belgium. "It's just a coincidence that we came on the first day. My daughter really wanted to visit the Louvre is to her for the first time. And we booked our tickets online two weeks ago. However, I didn't know that it will be opening day," says Sarah, who came from Belgium with her husband and children.

"I hope there will be good organization. And we will be able to see the "Mona Lisa" is not in the crowd, with sufficient distance between people," she adds.

The opening of the Louvre on Monday was preceded by action guides-entertainer of France, who urged the authorities to pay attention to their precarious financial situation due to the lack of tourists. Several dozen guides came to the Louvre pyramid masked with a cross to the mouth and images of the Mona Lisa.

"We were on the perimeter. We were mask – these are a cross. This means that we are silent. That is, the guide-entertainer France has forgotten the social tourism program. In order to avoid such global bending and the government remember us, we spent this flashrom. We are in need of financial assistance, since there are absolutely no tourists, probably until April next year. But we hope that the new year will open the border, particularly the Russian", - told RIA Novosti the guide-entertainer Galina Lobnya who took part in the action.

Her colleague Elena Andrianova noted that measures aimed at the support of culture France guide-entertainer almost not affected. "They affect large businesses, commercial organizations that have employees. As the guide-entertainer is an independent, private entrepreneur, it does not fall under any item of the program of the government," she explained.

"At the moment we have a very unclear situation. Of course, it can come to Russian-speaking or English-speaking tourists, living on the territory of the European Union, because at the moment the borders of the EU are open. But closed all other boundaries. Accordingly, we cannot expect the flow of tourists, which was before the quarantine," she said.

Recent data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.

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