Gold prices went on record

16:35, Monday, 22 June, 2020
Gold prices went on record

Spot gold prices went on record, reaching 1758,83 per ounce (plus 0.9 percent). About it writes Bloomberg.This year, gold prices rose by 15 percent, as investors on the background of the pandemic coronavirus looking for a “safe haven” for investment. Now the cost of precious metal is growing amid concerns about the start of the second wave of the epidemic. The price of gold approaching 1765,43 dollars per ounce where it was in 2012 and that for the first time in eight years, struck in may 2020.Goldman Sachs analysts predict that the gold in 2020 will be over two thousand dollars per ounce. At JPMorgan Chase & Co. also I do not advise investors to sell the precious metal, believing it to be the best investment in low yields.

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