#Bentley-In program, cutting 1,000 jobs

18:45, Saturday, 06 June, 2020
#Bentley-In program, cutting 1,000 jobs

The Bentley would be ready to cut about a thousand jobs in the United Kingdom because of the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus on demand in all over the world. To launch the indiscretion was the Bbc, adding that the official announcement should arrive today. The Bentley, who last year returned to profit after years of losses, thanks to sales growth of 5% to 11 thousand units, is only the latest large company in the automotive sector the british to pay for the consequences of the pandemic. The United Kingdom is likely to be the last Country in Europe to exit from the measures of lockdown: the dealerships have opened their doors just this week, and the return to full normalcy is not expected before July.

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